25 Confused and Funny Dog Photos And Memes.

I like big mutts and I cannot lie.

Some dogs just don’t get it. You can try explaining it to them a thousand times. But sometimes they are just completely lost when it comes to what you could possibly want from them. And their emoting is absolutely hysterical. Just check out these dogs who are clearly completely nonplussed.

As we look back at another year gone, it’s worth it to recognize some of the best dog tweets of the past 365 days. But before you go, make sure to cleanse your chakra with some wholesome woofers.

1-I have no Idia What i am doing

2-When Human Says!

3-Uff Uber

4-SnapChat Dogs

5-No More Bacon

6-Going To Fast

7-I did the Math

8-Can you hear Me

9- I am Batman

10-Someone open

11-He say NOOOOOOO

12-Sorry I Did that

13- In my days

14- She Cheated On Meh 🙁

15-Get In The Truck Fast

You want something extra, Here is your Gift :-)

16-We can definitely tell of which is the older and wiser

17- Omg… Something Is On My Head

18-Hell, What I did Now

19-What Do I Do With This

20-Why New Toy?

21- Get the Latest Fashion For me


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