BULLDOG Interesting Facts That Bet You Never Knew

Is the Bulldog right for you?

Bulldogs is a very splendid dog, you can recognize him from a distance that this is a bulldog, Because of the loose skin of the head, Different Barking voice, Tiny Ears. His coat seen in different colors with the patterns on it. The Maximum weight of the Female is 23 kg. And the Maximum weight of Male is 25 kg. The height of the Female bulldog is 38 cm, and the height of the male is 40 cm. Bulldog need daily exercise and a good diet to stay healthy. In summers this dog needs air-conditioned room because his short snout can create Difficulties in breathing.


1-Overview Of Bulldog

The brits peoples think that this dog is the national dog of England, The dog is Britain’s prettiest breed. Bulldog need special attention. Because this dog can suffer from many types of health issues. The main cause of Bulldog death is Cadiact, Below is the list of What percentage of Bulldogs have died from which disease?

In the year of 2004, United kingdom survey shows that 180 dogs died in the age of 6 years, But the average age of Bulldog is 8 to 10 years.

How many Bulldog suffers from which disease?


  • AKC Recognized: This Group is listed in American Kennel Club.
  • Origin: The breed Originally comes from  England.
  • Breed Group: This dog comes in Non-Sporting.
  • Average Lifespan: The average life span of this dog is 8-10 years.
  • Weight: Female -23 kg, Male- 25 kg. 
  • Bark Factor: Bulldog Rarely barks.
  • AKC RANKING: Ranking in American Kennel Club is 16.
  • Date of Origin: 1200s
  • Other Family Members: livestock dog, mountain dog, mastiff.

2-Information Of BullDog


Energy level

Low energy- This dog is Very sensitive dog breeds and the energy level of Bulldog is normal. Not so high and Not so low. Although they have some health issue because of this they look so dim and tired. But when they are in a mood of playing then you will see there original level of energy

Bulldog drain their energy level very fast. Because when they play, their body starts getting hot and because of their short nose, They are not good to cool down there body temperature. So because of this their energy level drain down quickly.

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Exercise needs

Bulldog Breed Information,Bulldog
Bulldog Exercise

 This dog does not need to do exercise daily. They need minimum Exercise, You can take your Bulldog for a walk or take him to the park so they enjoy there. Or you can buy your Dog a walking toy like a toy car or something like that. Because they love to run behind the toy. And while they are running behind the toy, they are doing the exercise at the same time.

If you really want to exercise your dog then you have to remember some points which given below.

1-Don’t get overheat him while exercising, because overheating cause him other health issues.

2-Cardio Exercise- This exercise is not for this dog.

3-Avoid Strong Exercise- Strong Exercise is not for this dog

4-You Have to manage your dog weight- Remeber that your dog doesn’t get too fatty or too thin, Do Remember on thing in human life and in animal life also healthy weight( Female- 20kg, Male- 24 kg ) is equal to long life.


Very playful- Bulldog is Very Playful, If you are busy in your work then can play alone, They just need a Toy or something to play. They are Happy loving Dog.

Friendliness toward other dogs   

Shy- Bulldog is not good to make friends. They feel shy while meeting other dogs. Or you can say they feel Unprotective. They are happy to be alone. Alone doesn’t mean that you left him in the home for a long time. This can make him sick.

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Friendliness toward other pets   

Very friendly- He is kind of friendly dog towards to other pet species. They just need a playing toy, this toy can be a cat, squirrel, rabbit. Why they are Friendly towards other pets but not with other dogs. He feels comfortable with other pets because the other pets cannot take place of a bulldog, But when this dog meets a new dog then he feels Uncomfortable Because he thinks that the new dog will take his place.

Friendliness toward strangers   

Very friendly- If you take your dog out then this dog shows their friendliness towards strangers. But if you are not with him or any strangers comes your home then his dog turns his aggressive mode.

Ease of training

Easy to train- Bulldog is not hard to train, They are very adaptive and follow your command. 

Watchdog ability

Low- Bulldog is not a good house guard. Because of there low energy level and laziness. 

Protection ability

Not very protective- This dog is not a very protective dog. When bulldog feels scared then he will hide below your sleeping bed. If you scream on him in a high voice then he will get scared and runs from you. 

Grooming needs

Low maintenance- Bulldog does not need high maintenance, But you have to take care of his weight.

Cold tolerance & Heat tolerance  

Low tolerance- This dog cannot tolerate cold and heat very well, this dog needs to be in medium temperature.

What is a Bulldog’s personality like?

Bulldog Best Breed, Bulldog

This dog is funny and funloving, Yes, He is lazy, And make some strange noise, This dog has the ability to make funny faces, He has the very good sense of humor, He is independent, Fun loving, Caring and Shy nature.


In short words, He is a house dog, but earlier, Bulldog is a very aggressive dog and used in Bullfight, The dog grabbed the bull by the nose and pinned it to the ground would be the victor. That is why they named him after Bull, But now this breed is not used in Bullfight. So now this dog changed his ability, Now Bulldog is not for hunting or something like this, As from the name BULL-DOG, The name and the ability are totally different.

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